'peaceBOMB' Bracelets Embrace War-Inflicted Cities

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: peace-bomb & getmilkshake
Nothing else can be so subtly engraved into our minds when it comes to war-inflicted zones than the peaceBOMB bracelets. Project peaceBOMB revolves around the war zone in Laos -- a well of war during the Vietnam conflict that was ongoing for nine years and is still ongoing today. The impact of the ‘Secret War’ carried out in Vietnam by the CIA is disastrous and disappointing.
A man from the area decided to use the scraps and metal pieces from the 250 to 260 million bombs dropped in the area to create spoons. He made spoons from the melted metal and hand-made molds from the wood and ash. Elizabeth Suda, a former fashion merchandiser who lived in the area, proposed that they could design and sell peace bracelets. Through the collaboration of spoon makers, RISE project and Article 22, the peaceBOMB bracelets came about in 2009.

Not only are these bracelets stylish, but the income from the bracelets are given off to the Laos communities that have suffered because of the war. The project is aptly called "Buying back the bombs."

Their mission is plain and simple: they diversify the income by distributing it to local artisans who are paid four times the local rate. Additionally, they grow capital that directly funds village development. This fund gives micro-loans to families and even funds electricity supply, education and other basic needs in the area. Also, for each peaceBOMB sold, they donate funds equivalent to one to fifteen square meters of land.

With mission and message, peaceBOMB is an innovative take on jewelry design -- get your "peace" of these bracelets.

Contact Information:
peaceBOMB Website
Telephone: 631 513 2925
Brooklyn, New York