The Extraordinaries is a Platform for Small-Scale Time Commitments

 - Jul 1, 2010
References: & springwise
The Extraordinaries is a San Francisco-based online platform that connects nonprofits and volunteers through a method called micro-volunteering.

Micro-volunteering involves professionals offering their skills and only a few minutes of their time by responding to the specific requests of the nonprofits, whether it be help with fundraising, PR, finance or marketing. By putting two heads together, The Extraordinaries opens up so many doors to make a real difference in the world.

Implications - This is an endeavor that blends two of contemporary society’s most important youth tropes—volunteering and moving quickly. By allowing volunteers to help a non-profit for a short period of time, the Extraordinaries ensure that people can participate without having to drastically alter their daily schedules or lives. This will likely increase the amount of people who give time to volunteer. That’s virtually the definition of a win-win situation.