B'eau Pal Water Brings Awareness to India

 - Aug 8, 2009
References: bhopal.org & theyesmen.org
This great awareness campaign caught my eye. Notice how the bottle of B’eau Pal water looks nicely designed at first; initial impressions don’t last long, however, as the public soon realizes it’s an awareness stunt to get the industrial corporation Dow to take responsibility of the largest industrial catastrophe the world has seen. 

Together with the Yes Men, the Bhopal Medical Appeal has designed the B’eau Pal water bottle to bring awareness to the fact that thousands of people have died and are still dying and suffering from illnesses linked to the leakage of deadly toxins in Bhopal, India. 

25 years on and people in the area of Bhopal in India are still suffering great distress and illnesses as the grounds and water are still heavily contaminated.

Learn more about the 1984 Bhopal catastrophe at Bhopal Medical Appeal. They do great work to help the people of Bhopal. Check out the video above to see how B’eau Pal water raised awareness for this cause.