To Honor the Toronto G20 Summit Report's Civil Rights Violations

 - May 16, 2012
The Toronto G20 Summit that caused seemingly endless controversy, political lashback and straight-up vandalization of the streets in Toronto now has a new level of contention: the proof that civil rights were violated. With this new knowledge comes a political conundrum for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who many criticized for putting the G20 Summit in the downtown area of the most populated city in Canada.

Protests were expected; which is why the Canadian government hired thousands of police with protest gear at the ready. Mass arrests took place, and police brutality in Queens Park was, according to the report, running rampant.

The conduct of officials that are meant to regulate society and influence the implementation of law is crucial to any civilized society. This disturbing report indicates that Canadian police, acting on behalf of Canada -- one of the most civilized countries in the world -- were not acting in accordance with the values that Canadian society and law has set forward.

From the fashion industry to the economy, protests are a vital part of society and implementing change. Respectful and peaceful civic unrest has, and will hopefully continue to be, a protected form of legitimate political expression.