The Virtual Wars Hacktivism Infographic Reviews the New Powerful Weapon

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: frugaldad & frugaldad's The Virtual Wars Hacktivism infographic is a comprehensive review of the new powerful online weapon defined as "the nonviolent use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends." Recent examples of hacktivism listed in the infographic include Anonymous' successful attempt to crash the F.B.I. website and the Syrian government's, hacking its opposition online.

According to The Virtual Wars infographic, the first ever act of hacktivism took place in October of 1989, which involved the WANK (worms against nuclear killers) worm and was in protest of nuclear armament. The informative graph also include an analysis of the different types of hacking, hacking statistics and the top five countries hackers reside in, with 66.1% living in the United States.