PETA Asks Pet Shop Boys To Change Their Name

 - Apr 13, 2009
From pelting Lindsay Lohan with flour to asking Ben and Jerry's to use breast milk as a substitute for the dairy in their ice cream, PETA can be pretty extreme—and sometimes a bit wacky—in their quest for the ethical treatment of animals.

Wacky? How else would you describe their request to the members of iconic band, Pet Shop Boys, to change their name into the Rescue Shelter Boys?

I kid you not. The Pet Shop Boys confirmed on their official site that they have indeed received the request from PETA Europe. However, the band will not be changing their name.

The reasoning behind the request, which was written by PETA’s special projects manager Yvonne Taylor, is the cruelty of the pet trade business and the way pet shops obtain, maintain and house their animals.

Maybe PETA should stick to their usual naked protests and think twice before making a fool of themselves and alienating their supporters…