Viral Chinese 'Grass Mud Horse' Pranks Fight for Freedom of Speech

 - Jun 15, 2009
References: youtube & knowyourmeme
Seemingly harmless, this little video is actually one of the most profane I’ve ever seen - plus it packs a big political message. The "Grass Mud Horse" video is one of a handful of prank videos that originated on a Chinese equivalent to Wikipedia called Baidu Baike.

The series of videos documents fictional creatures whose names purposely sound like profane words in Chinese. Although giggle-worthy, these videos are a direct response to the strict censorship in China which enforces very intense keyword filtering on the Internet.

The Grass Mud Horse attempts to limit citizen access to "all profanity and access to sensitive topics" according to Know Your Meme.

Who would have thought a Grass Mud Horse would be the emblem of Chinese’s People’s freedom of speech?