From Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs to Hilarious Street Stunts to Office Shenanigans

 - Jun 22, 2012
Everybody can enjoy a good laugh from time to time, and these playful pranks are just a few among the best pranks to pull.

April Fool's Day should not be the only day designated for pranksters to do what they do best. Whether it's popping out from behind the door to scare the life out of someone or putting bugs in people's food, the best part of a good prank is watching the reactions. When pulling pranks on people, some laugh hysterically while others are furious.

Some popular pranks that have gone viral are the Jimmy Kimmel pranks where he requested people from all over to send in homemade videos of their own spoofs. A cruel, but hilarious prank included parents sending in videos of their kids' reactions when told that all their Halloween candy was missing.