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Charlie Todd Uses Improv to Show Why There is No Right or Wrong Way to Play

 - Jan 9, 2012
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Charlie Todd is the man behind the New York City-based prank organization 'Improv Everywhere.' During this speech, Charlie Todd shares some of the improv group's most memorable pranks and escapades. Some of these hilarious stunts include the time he orchestrated some of the group's members to ride the subway in their boxers and the day he sent a large group of people into Best Buy dressed as its employees, in khaki pants and blue polo shirts.

While Charlie Todd's speech is certainly comedic and entertaining, it also carries an important message. He discusses the negative stature improv acting has acquired, in particular its reputation as a waste of time. He argues that these stunts and public practical jokes are simply a way certain people choose to spend their free time, similar to the way a football fan spends an entire Sunday afternoon in front of the television. Charlie Todd believes that there is no right or wrong way for adults to play, and that the whole point playing is that there really isn't one.