Pranksters Turn Train into a Living Room

A group of Improv Everywhere-inspired pranksters based in Prague, the Czech Republic, turned a subway car into a living room.

On a Friday afternoon, the commuters of a train were rather surprised when a young woman got on board and proceeded to spread out a rug on the floor. At the next station, two guys brought in a large armchair, a coat rack, table, a classical antique telephone, a pair of slippers, and a flower in a vase.

Once everything was set up, at Jinonice station, some six stops from where everything started, a dressed-up man came in, put his coat and umbrella at the rack, sat down in the armchair and proceeded to make himself comfortable by loosening his tie, removing his shoes and putting on a pair of slippers. The man then picked up a magazine and started reading while the commuters looked on in disbelief.

For me, what makes these stunts really entertaining is the look of collective astonishment on the unsuspecting public. And in that regard, I think they should have included more shots of the passengers' reactions while the whole thing was going down.But other than that, I think the stunt was well executed and it has its funny moments.