Bert Kreischer Leaves Surprises for Housecleaning Staff

 - Apr 25, 2011
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Comedian Bert Kreischer has created a unique way to leave his mark at the hotels at which he stays.

Through leaving works of "art," Bert Kreischer manages to creep out the staff with eerie creations. The comedian does not destroy any of the hotel, but takes toiletries and towels and forms sculptures. One piece, which engulfed the toilet, was composed of towels and blood, forming a fanged porcelain monster. The best of Kreischer, in my opinion, is the outline of a body on the floor.

Bert Kreischer says of the art, ""I am long gone by the time anyone from the hotel sees my 'art', but I always leave a generous tip and never destroy anything or create anything that would be a hassle to put back together in a matter of seconds."