Guy Denning Creates Artwork That Exhibits Stark Emotions

Artwork that is both simple and complex creates the biggest impact, and Guy Denning is an artist who does this with a stunning amount of ease. Specializing in portraits, Guy Denning's sketches are so organically breathtaking, they look like they've been ripped straight out of his sketchbook.

Commenting on the current protests inspired by Occupy Wall Street, the artist's illustrations take on a powerful characteristic that speaks to a worldwide audience. The fact that Guy Denning sketches and uses a minimal amount of color in his work emphasizes the stark beauty of each one.

Check out the gorgeous portfolio of Guy Denning for a glimpse into this artist's talent.

Implications - Consumers in modern society look for artwork that relates to specific social issues. Combining aesthetics with gritty subject matter could help a new designer solidify their name on the market.