The C.O.P Suit Helps Protect You While You Stand For Your Cause

 - Aug 12, 2010   Updated: Jul 18 2011
The C.O.P Suit is an interesting invention that was inspired by the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The C.O.P Suit uses kinetic energy from 'common protesting gestures' to power the suit, including a built-in megaphone.

Although it has a rather estranged outlook, the C.O.P Suit's disguise works to its benefit. Perfect for those with strong mindsets to stand for their cause, this costume will guarantee your voice is heard.

Implications - The outfit carries a fair amount of unintentional humor in its goofiness, but for protesters facing heavily armed and angry police forces intent on intimidation, this may be one of best things they can own. At the very least, it'll make for interesting photographs.