- Aug 29, 2013
This collection of socially conscious t-shirts reflects the movement in social business to create apparel that has more meaning than a regular graphic tee. Many tops are meant to raise awareness or funds for a particular cause or relief effort, such as youth voting, animal conservation, earthquakes and other devastating natural disasters. For others a portion of proceeds go directly to that cause, such as providing research funds. Another approach is one-for-one campaigns, where for every t-shirt purchased the social business donates a tee to a person who wouldn't otherwise have access, like the poor or people in developing countries.

However, the effectiveness of socially conscious t-shirts is debatable. While it is admirable to support a social enterprise rather than a consumerist brand, how much good are these t-shirts doing? With a one-for-one campaign, for example, people in developing needs don't have access to basic needs like clean water, and a tee is the least of their issues.

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