The Police Brutality Coloring Book was Inspired by Occupy Wall Street

The Police Brutality Coloring Book is a playful, yet somber reminder of the realities of police brutality. This 48-page coloring book features the work of 46 artists and was inspired by the outbursts of police violence during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The project was a pure DIY mission and was organized and made into a reality by New York artist Joe "Heaps" Nelson. The book is filled with interesting and thought provoking illustrations. The book is made all the more realistic by the fact that many of the contributors to it, including Shepard Fairey, have been subjected to violence from the police. Another point of awesomeness for the Police Brutality Coloring Book is that it's not just a one-off art piece. This book can actually be bought and displayed/colored in.