From Iconic Pop Art Surfboards to Paintballed Warhol Works

 - Apr 27, 2014
Andy Warhol-inspired artwork, design projects, clothing, stationary and gadgetry are a testament to the legendary pop artist's unique style, which revolutionized the visual arts. Warhol's pop art renditions were polarizing, but this adds to their allure and mystery.

The beauty of visual art is that it can be applied to a wide variety of products, essentially any tangible product can sport visual elements inspired by a particular artist or genre. This is certainly the case with Warhol-inspired products, which use the vibrant contrasts and cartoon-style imperfections reminiscent of Warhol's pop art.

Fashion is one area that has embraced Warhol-inspired ideas head-on, with everything from inexpensive t-shirts to expensive fashion collections showcasing this.

With the recent announcement that a dozen never-before-seen Warhol pieces were unearthed, it's safe to say that Warhol-inspired products and services won't be going away anytime soon.