The Amitay Gilad Lab Beauties Series Displays Petri Dish Portraits

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: designbreakonline & materialicious
The Amitay Gilad 'Lab Beauties' series features an array of color enriched paintings that portray petri dishes and their many contents. These electric hued pop art portraits explore the fun side of chemistry and scientific knowledge thanks to their vibrant and bold visual aesthetic.

These complex creations have a cartoon inspired feel seen through the artist's use of punchy black outlines and vibrant highlighter hues that jump out of their canvas. The 'Lab Beauties' series by artist Amitay Gilad examines a scientific concept in an unexpected way.

This color-enriched painting series showcases organic shapes and color washes that are meant to represent material matter and bacteria. The impeccably blended art pieces are eye-catching and channel the beloved work of iconic pop art legend Andy Warhol.