The Series 'Guise and Protagonist' by Craig & Karl Depict Famous Faces

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: craigredman & fastcodesign
Exploring the importance of the visage to fame, the 'Guise and Protagonist' by Craig & Karl depicts some recognizable celebrities.

The design duo's work creates awareness of fans' ability to recognize the faces of these famous celebrities. Stripped down to bare essentials mixed with patterns, the visage depictions are abstract yet recognizable. The hybrid mix inspired by the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein blends both styles of pop art whilst enticing Craig Redman and Karl Maier's comically thought-provoking style.

Guise and Protagonist even borrows from Picasso: "The portraits break down the subject’s face, borrowing from Cubism," explains Craig Redman. The protagonists of their portraits include the likes of filmmaker Woody Allen, rapper Kanye West, celebrated photographer Terry Richardson and even the late and great Anna Piaggi.