Cory Arcangel is Considered the Andy Warhol of Tech

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: & fastcodesign
Although hacking might be considered by some as an invasion of privacy and a perversion of technology, Cory Arcangel has turned it into high art. Considered the Andy Worhol of Tech, he has become the youngest person to have a one-man show at the Whitney museum’s tiny Upper East Side location.

Having grown up during the 90s, Cory Arcangel has seen the rise and fall of different types of now-retro devices, which have been replaced by smaller, faster devices. He has made it his mission to brings these obsolete gadgets and consoles back to the living. Yet Cory Arcangel refashions them, therefore warping their nostalgic nature. It is as if he knows that nothing can ever go back to the way things were. Instead, Cory Arcangel shows that all you have in the end are your often mangled memories.