'How Safe is Pepper Spray?' Examines the Anti-Protester Tactic

As the #Occupy movement continues to garner more attention around the globe, the popular anti-protesting weapon of choice for many riot police squads is becoming the subject of many debates, and as the 'How Safe is Pepper Spray?' infographic shows, the substance might be more dangerous than you think.

Created by OnlineCriminalJusticeDegree.com, the illustrated graph examines the chemical breakdown of O.C. spray (commonly known as pepper spray), and compares it to other chemical weapons. While the spray might seem like a safer crowd-controlling alternative to other weapons, I was shocked to find in the infographic that nearly 70 deaths have occurred from police pepper spray incidents since 1990.

Whether you're for or against the use of this chemical weapon, 'How Safe is Pepper Spray?' offers some shocking facts about the spray that might even have you reconsider your stance on the subject.