Celebrate Thanksgiving 2012 with Style and Imagination

 - Sep 27, 2012
This Thanksgiving day 2012, make celebration of gratitude and feasting interesting with these holiday innovations.

Thanksgiving is a time of family tradition, feasts and beautiful foliage. Impress your loved ones with festive novelty by spicing up your holiday celebration. Give your traditional feast an update by opting for vegan options or perhaps decorating in unconventional ways. Take advantage for the autumn harvests by creating a meal that stuns with gastronomical creativity!

This list includes variations and alternatives to turkey that is a staple, especially for this Thanksgiving day 2012. Draw inspiration from these innovations and your family and guests will gobble up your festive creativity. From new ways to bring out the foodie in your guests to adorable attire for your pets, get creative and channel your innovative side this holiday.