- Nov 26, 2008
References: flickr & digtriad
What is a Turgooducochiqua? That’s what I wanted to know when I stumbled across pictures on Flickr under the heading, ‘Turgooduccochiqua’. It turns out it’s… are you ready? ... "A quail inside a cornish hen inside a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a goose...with bacon between the layers," according to Digtriad.

In other words, a heart attack on a platter.

There are so many options to cater to the preferences of our varied global palettes and dietary needs, and holidays are a great time to examine this diversity. A quick search for Thanksgiving recipes reveals instructions to make everything from Tofurkey (turkey-shaped tofu) to Turducken (a turkey stuffed with chicken and duck), and soon there will likely be varying recipes for Turgooducochiqua too!