- Jun 13, 2013
The newest rubber duck installation in the Hong Kong harbor is not the first of its kind—exaggerated outdoor objects, especially of the atypical variety, have been popping up unannounced for ages.

Unlike many other sculptures and installations, the cute bathtub toy has piqued interest and awe from all over the world thanks to its wandering nature. It has been seen bobbing dutifully at ports in Sydney, Osaka and Sao Paolo. It is a shame that the life-sized monopoly game was set up only in the streets of Chicago while the excellent 'Art Aggcident' stayed singular to the Netherlands.

Whether these creations were meant as publicity stunts, part of an advertising campaign or for artistic purposes, all creators were undeniably enormous believers of the mantra "go big or go home."

From Lifesized Board Games to Gigantic Coffee Spills: