The Firm Access Agency Envisions Creating Large LEGO Sculptures

Access Agency is a creative ideas firm that works with some of the biggest, world-renowned brands. Their latest initiative is with LEGO. LEGO is not only for children; it has sparked creativity in many adults as well, allowing anyone to create what their imagination desires. It is a brand that is well recognized by all age groups.

The people at Access Agency want to create a street-level LEGO promotion that will surely grab one’s attention by creating massive sculptures and placing them in places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find them. Locations such as parking lots, shopping malls, underground garages and even night clubs, are places that will garner the public’s attention. The idea is to create a shock value, and essentially lure the person in to notice and interact with the sculptures, by taking pictures and having the urgency to share them on social networks. This in turn creates a buzz and gets people talking about the brand.