Pablo Curutchet Creates a Huge Corrugated Creature in Cordoba

 - Jul 10, 2011
References: youtube & thisiscolossal
Citizens in the city of Cordoba were shocked when they spied an enormous cardboard creature climbing out of a river; creative artist Pablo Curutchet is the man behind the mighty monster.

Pablo Curutchet wanted to create a piece that was larger than life in effect and size. Pablo, along with a team of 12 helpers, constructed a giant man out of 900 pounds of corrugated cardboard. The resulting sculpture is a giant gem; the massive man appears to be climbing out of a river and hoisting himself onto a busy bridge.

Artist Pablo Curutchet has a "giant" imagination and brings his dreams to life.

Implications - Society is so saturated with advertisements that consumers have become desensitized to their messages. They now appreciate when companies plan publicity stunts or create live works of art to market their brand, as these methods are more memorable and interactive. Companies who wish to appeal to a wider demographic should consider using these strategies in their marketing campaigns.