- Jun 25, 2013
To celebrate Canada Day this weekend, why not throw a grand Canadian-themed party with all the quintessential North American trimmings? From red and white apparel, bacon-flavored treats to copious amounts of beer, make sure your Canada Day party accurately represents the maple leaf-loving nation with these party essentials.

Many say Canadians are known for their polite manners, love for the wilderness and maple syrup and they sure know how to throw a great party. With an eclectic mix of country and city-loving folk, all Canadians love at least one of four things: bacon, maple syrup, camping and cold beer.

Stock up for your Canada Day party with these adventurous Canada Day party essentials from beer confection bouquets to bacon-flavored ice cream. Whether you plan to celebrate at a cottage or in your own backyard, make your next party Canada Day-themed.

From Lip-Smacking Loyalist Treats to Bacon-Infused Hot Dogs: