Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liqueurs is Perfect for Early Cocktail Mix

 - Apr 29, 2013
References: mamawalker & foodiggity
Having a cocktail at any point in the day should be socially acceptable, but society has molded people into thinking that having early morning cocktail mixes is a taboo of sorts.

The 'Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liqueurs' adds some fun and humor to the beverages of early morning alcohol drinkers. The flavors are all symbolic of timeless breakfast meals that many people can relate to. The flavors of the 70-proof breakfast-inspired liquors include Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake and Glazed Donut.

The liquor mixes are perfect for those early morning hangovers, especially if you find yourself too inebriated from all those late nights partying. It probably won't help to get you over your hangover, but it will provide a lasting taste of homemade breakfast meals.