From Exclusive Seasonal Whiskeys to Frothy Beer Cocktails

 - Sep 4, 2014
While cocktails are often seen as traditionally a more female-dominated alcoholic beverage category, things are slowly starting to change with more and more cocktails for men appearing on restaurant and bar drink menus. These macho cocktails cater to offering men the chance to try a fancy spirit mixed with high-quality liquors and classically masculine aromas.

These masculine cocktails creatively take out fruity juices and garnishes to swap them for rich spirits and savory foods. From drinks like spicy Caesars topped sky-high with various seafoods to spicy hot sauce cocktails, these boozy beverages are geared to endearing men looking for an experience with their drink. Beer-infused cocktails are another great option for a fruit-free mixed drink. Adding more savory ingredients and richer liquors, such as whisky, is one way to entice the male population into ordering a cocktail.