The Street Artist Bored 'Monopoly' Plays on the Streets of Chicago

The Street Artist Bored 'Monopoly' game transformed the sidewalks of Chicago. Often, the discourse of street art revolves around graffiti on walls, however there is the rare occasion from three dimensional street art and that is the case for this life-size monopoly game. Created by Bored, the artist or collective is staying anonymous as they play a game through the city. Chance and Community Chest cards, property and dice were found bolted to the sidewalks adding a little fun to the real game of life.

The artist was contacted by the blog Colossal and stated, "the goal of this entire project has been to present something different than a stencil painted on the ground or a poster pasted to a wall. Something 3-dimensional that can be picked up, beaten down, kicked, yanked, grabbed, and broken."