- Jan 23, 2014
These pop culture board games are inspired from works from almost every medium -- whether it be film, television, video games or books.

Whether you play Monopoly, chess or Risk, you're sure to find a pop culture version of the classic board games you used to play (or still play). Pop culture board games don't just simply slap a new skin on the classic game and call it a day. They'll also change terms, piece designs, even some of the rules and board configuration in order to have it fit with the pop culture license they're using.

Pop culture board games also allow for a lot of humor that wouldn't normally be present in the game. Whether it's Breaking Bad Chess, Big Bang Theory Clue, Star Wars Operation, The Walking Dead Monopoly or Pokemon Risk, you'll have plenty of fun playing these games with your family.

From Breaking Bad Chess to The Walking Dead Monopoly: