The Star Wars Operation [R2-D2 Edition] Opens up the Robot Sidekick

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: toywiz & chipchick
I'm contemplating the various reasons why this Star Wars Operation [R2-D2 Edition] board game exists. Perhaps the original Operation board game was just too gruesome for some, or maybe Star Wars fans can't get enough space epic merchandise. Whatever the case, I'm super-stoked that I'll soon be able to remove tiny mechanical parts using tweezers from my favorite robot sidekick.

The Star Wars Operation [R2-D2 Edition] comes to us courtesy of Hasbro and is made for kids (and adults) ages 4 and up. This thing kind of begs the question: Is fixing technical issues on a robot actually considered surgery or is it simply a repair?

Implications - Themed products often work to generate interest in an already existent product as it introduces a novel spin to an otherwise mundane item, shaking consumers out of apathy. Corporations looking to spark excitement in their goods can similarly introduce novel themes to their product lines.