Fallout Monopoly Fuses Video and Analog Pastimes Into New Entertainment

 - Sep 4, 2011
References: pinkaxolotl.deviantart & ufunk.net
If you're a gaming junkie whose love of Xbox is equal to that of your love of board games, your world's about to get a lot brighter with Fallout Monopoly. No longer will you have to decide between playing the apocalyptic action role-playing game or living out your dreams of being a real-estate tycoon; this themed version of Monopoly allows you to do both.

Fallout Monopoly was crafted by the talented artist Elisabeth Redel of Germany for her boyfriend -- that's one hell of a way to say "I love you." Look how amazing the detailing is in Redel's mimicry of the visual aesthetics from Fallout 3!

Implications - Consumers enjoy themed products because it satiates their desire to express their individuality and interests. Corporations may consider introducing themed versions of their products as a way to differentiate their wares from those of their competitors.