With the Walking Dead Monopoly You Risk Losing More Than Your Money

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: thinkgeek & geekologie
If playing regular Monopoly puts a strain on friendships and familial relations (bankrupting your mother is never a good idea), well you can expect those relationships to be non-existent after you play The Walking Dead Monopoly.

Based on the popular TV and comic book series, The Walking Dead Monopoly keeps the traditional rules and changes the look and names of the pieces. Gone is the car piece; instead, you'll need an RV, chance and community chest are now scavenge and supply chest respectively, money has been converted to supply bills and you no longer buy houses and hotels for your properties, but rather fortify them with walls and guard towers.

When you're playing The Walking Dead Monopoly and want to flip over the table because the person you thought was your friend kicked you out of your safe haven and left you for dead, try and remember it's just a game.