From Nerdy Minion Parodies to TV Sitcom Board Games

 - Aug 5, 2014
The Big Bang Theory has been making households laugh since 2007 and has become a prime time favorite for fans of all ages. Whether you're laughing at or along with the show's nerdy characters, the series appeals to different personalities with its juxtaposition of scientific facts and classic sitcom jokes.

While Jim Parsons' portrayal of Sheldon Cooper is the epitome of complex nerd humor, Kaley Cuoco's girl-next-door role is familiar to the popular actress. Together, a group of science nerds and the pretty girl cross paths unexpectedly and hilarity ensues.

Celebrating The Big Bang Theory and its stars' recent $1,000,000 per episode raise, these countless products, parodies and art depictions are an homage to Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and others.

Standouts from the list include artist Bruno Clasca's 'Minion Parody Collection' that transforms iconic TV characters into lovable creatures from animated film "Despicable Me" and a special edition of board game Clue that is modeled after the show.