The Princess Bride Monopoly Board is a Fan's Delight

 - Sep 27, 2011
References: jezebel & incrediblethings
Before you all get too excited, the glorious Princess Bride Monopoly board you see before is merely a mock up, not the real deal. We can only hope that Parkers Brothers will see reason and move forward with the project. Sadly, us Princess Bride fanatics will have to wait with bated breath to see how the whole thing pans out.

Most of the world's population has fond memories of sitting in their PJs sniffling into a mug of chicken noodle while watching the wild and wacky antics of Wesley, Buttercup and the gang as they rally to take down the repulsively evil Prince Humperdink. This board allows us to take scenic tour through the sights and scenes of a film thousands of people can quote to an obnoxious degree. Take a ride on Vizzini's boat, dodge the RUS's in the fire swamp (don't believe for a moment they don't exist), and take an exhausting climb up the cliffs of insanity. Be sure to watch yourself, or you might just be condemned to the pit of despair.

While this mock up is as awesome as board games get, it is, sadly, still a horrible tease. You hear that Parker Brothers? There are legions of fans ready, willing and waiting to play Princess Bride Monopoly!