The Gigantic ‘Macaco Gordo’ Sculpture by Florentijn Hofm

As part of his ‘Obeastitas’ series, the ‘Macaco Gordo’ sculpture by Florentijn Hofman was created. With 10,000 pairs of flip-flops as his material choice, Hofman pieced together this intricate sculpture of a lounging fat monkey. During a Pixelshow conference, Hofman went to work creating this site-specific installation with the help of San Paulo students. The sculpture was created by attaching 10,000 pairs of multicolored flip-flops on top of an inflatable ape; each flip-flop represents an individual pixel in the finished sandal sculpture.

Nederland-born sculptor Hofman is renowned for his interesting and outlandish structural works and artistic installations. Most often his works are oversized, exaggerated and are created using the most unlikely, everyday materials. All of his sculptures infuse humor and larger-than-life personalities in their finished products. Flip-flops certainly have an artistic use and this is clearly evident with the creation of the ‘Mamacaco Gordo’ sculpture by Florentijn Hofman.