- Dec 4, 2013
While plush toys are often associated with cute and cuddly designs, these eerie stuffed animals will definitely scare rather than sooth children with their wacky references and frightening designs.

When it comes to nostalgic children's toys, teddy bears and stuffed animals are often the most comforting items that kids can have. These eerie plush toys however, are definitely targeted more towards adults who have a fascination with odd and bizarre items. Sure to give children nightmares rather than help put them to sleep, these eerie stuffed animals will certainly bring a frighteningly spooky touch to any room.

From mutant teddy bears to mangled undead plushies and disease-themed toys, these eerie stuffed animals will surely make a unique addition to any collection of creepy items.

From Skeletal Plush Toys to Mutant Teddy Bears: