The Frankenweenie Plush Set Features Tim Burton Characters

 - Dec 8, 2012
References: entertainmentearth & gadgetsmatrix
Tim Burton's movies tend to use creepy characters like those in the Frankenweenie Plush Set to relay a heartwarming message.

His edgy designs and macabre visuals are beloved by children everywhere because they are not the cheesy, sugar-coated plot lines that are the norm for children's movies. This plush set features characters from one of his latest films, Frankenweenie, including Sparky the dog, Persephone the poodle and Mr. Whiskers the fluffy cat. The large, slightly creepy eyes, the stitched up scars and the black and white colors are all typical of Tim Burton cartoon characters.

However spooky the toys of the Frankenweenie Plush Set are, they still have a friendly appearance that makes them sure to be loved by fans of the movie.