The Drew Oliver GIANTmicrobes Collection is Educational

 - Mar 29, 2011
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The Drew Oliver GIANTmicrobes stuffed toys is a collection of plushies, each of which represents a different disease, a common pest such as bed bugs, the common cold and food poisoning. The toys were originally produced to be educational and can be found in numerous doctor's offices. They can also be purchased just for fun or used as a practical joke.

If you purchase a Drew Oliver GIANTmicrobes toy, it comes with the plushie and information about that specific disease or pest. The stuffed animal's appearance is based on what the disease looks like when viewed under a microscope. New viruses, bacteria and organisms are always being added to the growing list of available toys. The newest additions may gross you out; they include diarrhea, cholera and even the sniffles.