Teddy Bear Proves Helpful In Nurturing Endangered Lemur

 - Jan 22, 2009
References: dailymail
With her bright hazel eyes, tiny black face surrounded with feathery gray hair, this baby lemur has already captured the hearts of the staff at the Besancon Zoo in Eastern France. The newly born Madagascar lemur is named Tahina and is considered one of 17 Propithecus coronatus lemurs living in custody around the world. 

The baby lemur is being nurtured by veterinarians who feed her with a small syringe containing a mixture of cat and infant milk. 

Tahina was given a cuddly teddy bear that she can clutch to like a real mother. The "mommy teddy bear" can greatly help Tahina as lemurs are believed to ride on their mother’s bellies in their first weeks. 

In the wilds of Lake Aloatra in Eastern Madagascar, lemurs are still under threat because some villagers consider them delicacies.

Thankfully, the staff of the Besancon Zoo are untiringly caring for Tahina, saving her from the danger of hunting and habitat destruction.