- Jun 29, 2013
Rather than bypassing the issue of continually cutting down our forests for paper and resources, these tree planting initiatives tackle the responsibility of expanding our timbre population head on. Using a myriad of ways to acquire the funding and manpower necessary for tree planting, these creative and unique projects are a smart step in the right direction for our planet.

For example, you can take a straight-on DIY approach with the 'Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree' kit, or you can leave the tree-planting itself to others by supporting projects such as Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty, a social business that creates jobs in the tree planting sector in economically challenged areas in Nicaragua, Mozambique and Uganda, among others.

The ability to keep our world green and lush is in your hands and there are a vast number of ways to contribute.

From Trees to End Poverty to DIY Tree Planting Kits: