From Stuffed Critter Cell Covers to Music-Playing Teddy Bears

 - Aug 8, 2013
Technological gadgets can often be visually cold and sterile, but if you're looking to add a more playful and child-like theme to your devices, then these cuddly tech accessories will definitely provide an adorable touch.

While teddy bears and plush toys are often items associated with what little children often play with, there's no denying that sometimes even adults feel nostalgic about interacting with these adorably squishy and loveable figurines. That's why incorporating these cuddly stuffed animals into the design of tech accessories is a wonderfully creative way to infuse child-like references with modern day technology. From tablet protectors shaped like cute panda bears to speaker systems that resemble adorable safari animals, these cuddly tech accessories will definitely satisfy children and adults alike with its use of super cute designs.