Turn Your Phone into a Toy with the Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet

 - Oct 30, 2012
References: thinkgeek
Get your child interacting with technology at an early age with the Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet.

Slip your iPhone or iPod into the plush doll, turn on the app and watch Ubooly come to life as the screen becomes his face. Turning your gadget into a toy that is safe for kids, Ubooly starts talking right away, captivating your child with its jokes, riddles, songs and educational games such as counting games. The app learns your child's preferences and gets "smarter" as it is used. Kids will instantly fall in love with the fuzzy, bright orange creature, giving them something to watch and play with that actually enhances their learning skills.

The Ubooly iPhone/iPod Interactive Pet makes technology come alive.