From Realistic Robo-Cats to Digital iPhone Dogs

 - Mar 8, 2014
With advancements in technology, virtual pets become more realistic and responsive, providing better companionship for people who are unable or can’t commit the time to caring for an actual pet.

These pets are are a step up from boring pet rocks, since they are capable of movement and interaction. Since these virtual pets are much less of an investment than getting a new puppy, they make ideal companions for kids. A perfectly pocked-sized example of this is the Tamagotchi, which has become popular once again for children.

The Aquardio is a fish tank is another interesting, more sophisticated piece of technology that lies somewhere between a real and a digital fish tank. By visiting its site, users are connected to a livestreamed video of a real life tank, where fish can be actually be fed by visitors with the press of a button. This is pretty much like being able to enjoy all the benefits of having a beautiful aquarium full of fish, without having to worry at all about maintenance.