These Digital Pets are a Sound Solution to the Real Thing

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: yankodesign
Despite how these adorable digital pets appear in the images, they are not micro-beings. Instead, they are digital displays provided by a downloadable online application.

These interactive 3D pets are not only fun and visually stunning, but also serve to teach children the life stages of animals. They are interactive too, as each Jarpet contains multi-sensory technology.

This concept also allows for infinite types of animals to "own" and therefore learn about, which is ideal for kids who are interested in specific animals. I know I would be interested to learn about dinosaurs and unicorns (if available).

The Jarpet is a winner of a red dot award as a design concept winner, and by the looks of it, it certainly deserves it. It would be no surprise if one's room quickly turns into a zoo trying to collect the multiple digital pets available.