The 'Keitai Wanko' Interactive Puppy Communicates with a Fake Phone

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: japantrendshop
A fun and interactive toy dog has arrived on the Japanese market referred to as the 'Keital Wanko' robot dog.

Keital, meaning "mobile phone" and Wanko meaning "puppy," this robot pooch is the latest in children's interactive toys. Capable of making well over 300 different sound effects all with the touch of the mobile phone that comes with the dog, the Keital Wanko pet reacts to the phone once the two objects come in close vicinity of each other. The Wanko pet also comes with a toy biscuit that it will audibly "eat" when you feed it to the toy. The product website claims that it's "just like a real pet only without the hassle or mess!"

The pet toy comes in a soft pink color for girls and a brown poodle for boys.