The Tamagotchi iPhone App Lets You Relive Your Childhood

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: technorati & incrediblethings
Tamagotchi iPhone App -- just mull the implications of this over for a second. If the word Tamagotchi brings back memories of childhood summers spent on beck and call for a needy pixelated pet who seemed to do an awful lot of eating and pooping and beeped for your attention every time you tried to watch a cartoon, then it’s good news for you. The Tamagotchi is back to haunt you in a decidedly more modern way—as an app on your iPhone.

The Tamagotchi iPhone App entitled 'Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.' has been a long time coming and is possibly the reason iPhones were invented. The application has a lot of fun, customizable features that the retro game didn’t posses—like being able to create a wallpaper for your phone out of your tiny pet, color schemes and lot’s of mini games. 

So now you can alternate killing your productivity by alternating between the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the Tamagotchi App. You’re welcome.