This Knowhow Shop LA Bike Rack is a Behemoth Brush

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: thefoxisblack & knowhowshopla
Take one look at this brilliant bike rack by Knowhow Shop LA and you'll think you're in 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.'

This Knowhow Shop LA bike rack is a mane-taming monster with much to offer. The KnowHow Shop LA specializes in teaching their customers how to construct their own pieces, and they generously built this big bike rack for the city of Roanoke. This wonderful wooden bike rack resembles a giant comb and weighs an unbelievable 400 pounds. It's a humorous piece, as the tires of the bikes fit perfectly between the teeth of the colossal comb.

This clever design by the Knowhow Shop LA proves that creative urban infrastructure is possible.

Implications - Consumers embrace products that contain elements of humor, as they tend to find them more interactive and relatable. Companies should consider taking a comedic approach with their product lines to appeal to these demographics, and to make their brand name more memorable.