A Simple Bike Rack Makes Storing Your Two-Wheeled Chariot a Cinch

 - Mar 25, 2013
Riding a bicycle is the environmentally friendly, health-conscious way to get around cities and large metropolises these days but living in tight spaces has made it more difficult for even the most seasoned cycle enthusiasts to neatly store their bikes, and so this list of simple bike rack solutions gives some great ways to stylishly stash your two-wheeled transport.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo or home, storing your bike indoors can be a hard to solve obstacle. Luckily, some of the simple bike rack designs on this list like the levitating bicycle stand or the decorative timber rack go to show that many are trying to tackle the issue of convenient bicycle storage in visually appealing ways.

The great thing about these bike racks is that they involve little to no set up and occupy very little physical space so you can ensure that it's your awesome bike, not bulky furniture, you're showing off.