Thibaut Malet's BH #2 is a Convenient Bike Storing Solution

 - Mar 24, 2013
References: thibautmalet & archidesignclub
Riding a bike sure is a lot of fun, but finding somewhere to store your precious two wheeler during downtime can be a difficult and hard to figure out dilemma, at least before designer Thibaut Malet dreamed up his easy to assemble BH #2 bike handle.

Sleekly constructed out of oak wood, Malet's BH #2 bike handle is an ultra compact, dual shelf and rack device that needs no wall mounting of any kind and is ideal for confined living spaces.

Malet's lightweight design allows you to move your bike rack at a moment's notice and with the greatest convenience. The lofty height your cycle rests at also allows you to maximize your usage of the surrounding space.